Before starting to explore the amazing and endless world of fitness and healthy eating, it is important to know in detail what we are about to get involved with. It is proven that for a well functioning body we need to maintain a healthy diet, which basically consists in knowing what we should and should not eat. Food is the source of energy of our body, which explains why we should eat healthy, because our minds and bodies need to work in a perfect way.
In addition to the medical benefits of healthy eating, there are some interesting things that change on our life depending on what we eat. The most attractive part of the human body, the smile, is the first visible change on a person that eats healthy. Teeth are strengthened and kept free of plaque and gum diseases by the yogurt, in addition to the bacteria reduction that appears after consuming fruits and vegetables which stimulate saliva with antimicrobials that are in charge of killing microbes.

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For the interest of women, specially, high water foods such as fruits and vegetables, that are expected to be eaten, maintain skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles as well as they prevent cell damage with their antioxidants.

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The Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin c help the levels of cortisol in our bodies and keep stress in manageable levels, and in case of a stressful event, it is easier for the levels to come back into balance with the help of these nutrients.

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As a common saying states, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” With the help of high fiber foods and slower eating, people prevent a bloated belly that is caused by high amounts of sugar and sodium in our meals, that’s why fruits, vegetables and whole grains help maintain a flatter belly and help exercise with the development of shown abs.

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Not only because we see how healthy and fit our body starts becoming, our mood is also improved by the foods we eat because our carbohydrate rich foods, turkey, yogurt and fish help with the segregation of serotonin and tryptophan which control our mood.
No matter your age or job, you need your brain to work perfectly, and that occurs when it is boosted by the antioxidants in vegetables. Also, omega 3 helps with concentration and without doubt it makes you a better person.
Finally, as you walk closer to the world of fitness, you get to improve your knowledge not only about your body, but the right decisions you should make at the moment of choosing your food. When visiting the store, you know what is good for you, and by choosing it you make yourself a better person.