Taking into account the importance of Internet and investigation for maintaining a life style, we have to remember that we can´t believe everything we se. Those “loose a pound per day!” and “Fat free” announcements we se everyday are not always as true as they seem, companies use them in order to sell, and being sincere, I have been attracted by that kind of information too! The objective of this post is to clarify some myths about fitness you should take into account for maintaining a real healthy lifestyle.


  1. Myth: If you stop physical activity, muscles will turn into fat.

Reality: That change can never happen, muscles can shrink and fat can increase.

2. Myth: You burn more calories exercising in the cold.

Reality: Weather is not a factor of influence on the amount of calories you burn. It’s only true when you are shivering, but in tat case, you are also in risk of hypothermia.

3. Myth: For every pound of muscle you build, your body burns 100 extra calories.

Reality: Your body burns about 15 calories per pound of muscle.

4. Myth: For weight loss its better to eat six small meals a day.

Reality: The frequency of eating has nothing to do with the calorie control.

5. Myth: Pilates will give you long muscles.

Reality: The length of bones and how muscles are attached to them is what determines muscular length.

6. Myth: Fad diets will help you loose weight and keep it off.

Reality: Diets that promise quick weight loss are intense and drastic, and once you quit, you regain more than what you lost.

7. Myth: Since carbs are fattening, they shouldn’t be part of a meal plan.

Reality: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body and their removal can cause serious health disorders.

8. Myth: “Low fat” or “fat free” means no calories


Reality: These words have nothing to do with each other! Don’t let ads ruin your calorie count. Sometimes the reduced products have fewer calories, but when the product is processed it may even have more calories because of added flour, salt, starch or even sugar.

9. Myth: “The less you eat the less you weight!”

Realty: Skipping meals is not good because it makes you hungrier and leads to craving, and also slow down your metabolism, which makes the process of digestion slower.


And the best one for the end, this common heard sentence is a real error that especially women tend to use

10. Myth: Lifting weights is not a good way to lose weight because it will make me “bulk up.”

Reality: its important for everyone to know that lifting weight has the complete opposite effect that everyone thinks. This kind of exercise helps build strong muscles, which can help you burn more calories.


So, after Reading these article have some of your ideas changed? Did you believe any of the myths that were just clarified? REMEMBER, try to find trustful sources before taking decisions that involve your health such as eating and exercising, be a critical thinker and always consult any doubt you have about what you find in the Internet. Hope these clarifications are as useful to you as they were for me!