Based on previous posts, it is easy to find out the enormous interest I have on maintaining a healthy diet and an active life, which I consider essentials for happiness. After investigating and spending a huge amount of time reading about health, I think I have found the best of the healthy lifestyles, and I have adopted it myself. Since the first page of Tosca Reno’s book, “The Eat Clean diet” I found out it was going to be amazing, and that’s why I read it in a few days, I had to force myself to close it in order to get good sleep and decide to get involved with its amazing world. Since I have been trying to be a useful source for fitness people, I want to start by describing the principles of clean eating, which as the author says, is not really a diet.

Introduction to the author:     

Tosca Reno was a normal woman who got to a maximum weight of 204 pounds in college and challenged herself to compete in body building when she was 42. At that moment of her life she got to know everything about clean eating, and since it changed her life, actually she is a diffuser of health information for it to change more people’s life day by day. Her results have been amazing and everyday she receives different testimonials of happy people who thank her with their hearts. All of those different positive comments also gave me a push to figure out all she talked about really worked, and if it wasn’t late for her, for sure it’s not late for me to start.


Have you ever heard the common saying, “you are what you eat”? Okay, even if you have not taken a minute to think about it, really what comes in our mouths is what determines our health and shape, that’s why we need to eat healthy in order to BE healthy. But remember, the idea is not to quit eating or depriving yourself from what you love, it’s about learning about food and taking the best life decisions.

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Even though it sounds wrong and people would not believe it, it’s ideal to eat SIX meals a day!!! Incredible, isn’t it? The idea of frequent eating is based on metabolic reactions, where it is stimulated frequently and prevents getting too hungry.


From today on, stop skipping breakfast! Some people think skipping meals is the best way to lose weight, but it is completely false, the only thing it does is slow down your metabolism and stop it from burning calories and generating energy. This morning meal is very important since it gives us the energy we need for the whole day.

The key of the meals is the combination of a complex carbohydrates and proteins. There is another myth refuted, since there is no need in cutting carbs in dieting for weight loss, they are essential for maintaining you active and happy.

Also, the healthy fats that are completely cut out in a low calorie diet turn out to be a very important ingredient for your renovated kitchen. Fats DON´T make us fat! It’s important to know that fat in moderated servings is required for an optimal health and physical form.


The water information is not going to be new for you if you are so how involved in maintaining a healthy life style. But it’s never a bad time to remind you of drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. It sounds a lot, but thinks about dividing it between SIX meals, it’s not that much.

And the most important of all in my opinion, STICK TO PROPER PORTION SIZES. The plate might look very little at the beginning, but remember you are having 6 meals a day where you involve complex carbohydrates and proteins; you shouldn’t feel hungry after having them with a maximum interval of 3 hours. And if you are, try your best to reduce their size in order to keep on track. There is no excuse of exceeding since your measuring cup walks with you everywhere you go, your hand! The portion of protein is what can fit in one hand. For the complex carb, cup your hand and eat what fits in it. And finally, for your fruits and vegetables, fill your hands cupped together.

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Now that you have the basics on clean eating I hope you continue investigating about it and get engaged, even though I have to remind you it takes time, dedication and money. But you are doing it for your body, where no investments are lost. I’m a new person in this life style, but I can tell you I have been really happy and recommend it to the deepest! Hope you’re starting to get interested and remember it’s never too late to become healthy like Tosca Reno. Hope you are waiting anxiously for the next post, which will include the unlimited benefits of clean eating and how your life will change, without considering your fitness changes.