In order to start finding out what to expect for your body after starting clean eating, it could be important to go back to the common saying “you are what you eat”. Based on these true words you can find out what your body is going to turn into, its your choice, it either can be as strong, healthy and shinny as a vegetable or as stinky, oily and artificial as a bag of chips. Weigh loss is just one of the positive effects of maintaining a clean life style, since there are a lot of different benefits that are perceptible for you and everyone who sees you.

People look to you in the eye, and guess what, they reflect the change in your meal plan. You eyes will appear clear and sparkly and the whites will be vivid and completely clear of any yellowish color. Also, they will maintain moisten and clear, shining to show your health.


After you receive that first compliment about your radiant eyes, of course you´ll smile, and show how your dental health has improved too. The health of you teeth and gums have more to do with the food you eat than your brushing habits, that is why isolate communities who eat plants, lean proteins and no refined sugars, have no cavities! So, one thing less to worry about, just eat clean and brush your teeth, of course, but maintain them together.


Your skin will change too; as your blemishes disappear and it becomes less dry. The author of the book, Tosca Reno, even says she SHINES!! Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars in expensive creams and chemicals, you could eat right and shine like she does, or even like Angelina Jolie. Don’t think she just uses the best creams, what she does to her skin is called CLEAN EATING!!


Remember that every cell in your body is created from what you put inside it, including the tiniest ones that make your hair and nails, that’s why high quality foods, especially protein and essential oils make your hair and your nails grow strong and shinny.


That is how your body will change on the outside, just imagine how pretty you will be if in addition to being thinner, your hair, eyes, skin, teeth and nails will shine and make you completely radiant. Really, the results of clean eating are amazing, you will be proud of your complete body and of course, full of energy to keep on going!!