Let’s continue finding benefits of clean eating, but this time we will take a look to the ones are not visible for the rest of the people but are very important for us too. Before starting I would like to mention how my mood has changed, it’s been incredible. I’m a girl who has been dieting for a long time and love foods, most of the times, when I’m very strict with my diet my sense of humor changes, especially when I have to keep myself from eating something I love, such as a brownie or a cinnamon roll. With clean eating, my whole meal plan has changed. I consider I’m not dieting, I’m just giving my body the right nutrients in order for it to maintain completely healthy. In those foods I have the pleasure of eating peanut butter, muffins, pancakes and waffles, which are completely clean but I deeply enjoy eating them. That is one of the reasons for which I enjoy it the most, and if it changes my mood, way better! One more reason to love healthy eating!!


Continuing with its benefits, the changes that occur inside our body, I’ll start telling you about detox. People who diet frequently experience digestive problems, and without going into specific details with this issues, it is not good. People often have to look for detox drinks, powders or potions, but with clean eating you can completely forget about it. Your body will have the right nutrient intake and that’s why it doesn’t have to store any garbage and toxins, which commonly cause stomach irritation.


Also, the metabolic damages are solved, since we prevent wrong foods and never skip meals. Sometimes metabolic problems are a consequence of wrong dieting, and when you eat clean your body doesn’t have to create fat cells to store unrecognizable substances. Your body receives quality nutrients every a few hours and instead of starving you can eat a lot but healthy.


Going a bit more general, and without any proven studies but based upon Tosca Reno´s thousands of testimonies, health improves in an important way. Reno says her old friends and family tell her she looks better than 25 years ago, she is full of energy and as she says, “Eating Clean helped turn a miserable, depressed, lethargic, and unhealthy, muddle aged woman into a healthy, vibrant, radiant fit and energetic one.”


Clean eating has turned into an important part of my life. I enjoy organizing my meals, reading and researching about it, and of course, ENJOYING IT. I hope this post have been useful for all of the ones interested in fitness, and remember, give your body the right fuel, you will never regret it!


And I hope you have enjoyed all of the healthy meal pictures in the post, the best thing is that all of them are taken by me!

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