Improve your health with Clean Eating

     Let’s continue finding benefits of clean eating, but this time we will take a look to the ones are not visible for the rest of the people but are very important for us too. Before starting I would like to mention how my mood has changed, it’s been incredible. I’m a girl who has been dieting for a long time and love foods, most of the times, when I’m very strict with my diet my sense of humor changes, especially when I have to keep myself from eating something I love, such as a brownie or a cinnamon roll. With clean eating, my whole meal plan has changed. I consider I’m not dieting, I’m just giving my body the right nutrients in order for it to maintain completely healthy. In those foods I have the pleasure of eating peanut butter, muffins, pancakes and waffles, which are completely clean but I deeply enjoy eating them. That is one of the reasons for which I enjoy it the most, and if it changes my mood, way better! One more reason to love healthy eating!!


Continuing with its benefits, the changes that occur inside our body, I’ll start telling you about detox. People who diet frequently experience digestive problems, and without going into specific details with this issues, it is not good. People often have to look for detox drinks, powders or potions, but with clean eating you can completely forget about it. Your body will have the right nutrient intake and that’s why it doesn’t have to store any garbage and toxins, which commonly cause stomach irritation.


Also, the metabolic damages are solved, since we prevent wrong foods and never skip meals. Sometimes metabolic problems are a consequence of wrong dieting, and when you eat clean your body doesn’t have to create fat cells to store unrecognizable substances. Your body receives quality nutrients every a few hours and instead of starving you can eat a lot but healthy.


Going a bit more general, and without any proven studies but based upon Tosca Reno´s thousands of testimonies, health improves in an important way. Reno says her old friends and family tell her she looks better than 25 years ago, she is full of energy and as she says, “Eating Clean helped turn a miserable, depressed, lethargic, and unhealthy, muddle aged woman into a healthy, vibrant, radiant fit and energetic one.”


Clean eating has turned into an important part of my life. I enjoy organizing my meals, reading and researching about it, and of course, ENJOYING IT. I hope this post have been useful for all of the ones interested in fitness, and remember, give your body the right fuel, you will never regret it!


And I hope you have enjoyed all of the healthy meal pictures in the post, the best thing is that all of them are taken by me!

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Eating Clean Benefits

In order to start finding out what to expect for your body after starting clean eating, it could be important to go back to the common saying “you are what you eat”. Based on these true words you can find out what your body is going to turn into, its your choice, it either can be as strong, healthy and shinny as a vegetable or as stinky, oily and artificial as a bag of chips. Weigh loss is just one of the positive effects of maintaining a clean life style, since there are a lot of different benefits that are perceptible for you and everyone who sees you.

People look to you in the eye, and guess what, they reflect the change in your meal plan. You eyes will appear clear and sparkly and the whites will be vivid and completely clear of any yellowish color. Also, they will maintain moisten and clear, shining to show your health.


After you receive that first compliment about your radiant eyes, of course you´ll smile, and show how your dental health has improved too. The health of you teeth and gums have more to do with the food you eat than your brushing habits, that is why isolate communities who eat plants, lean proteins and no refined sugars, have no cavities! So, one thing less to worry about, just eat clean and brush your teeth, of course, but maintain them together.


Your skin will change too; as your blemishes disappear and it becomes less dry. The author of the book, Tosca Reno, even says she SHINES!! Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars in expensive creams and chemicals, you could eat right and shine like she does, or even like Angelina Jolie. Don’t think she just uses the best creams, what she does to her skin is called CLEAN EATING!!


Remember that every cell in your body is created from what you put inside it, including the tiniest ones that make your hair and nails, that’s why high quality foods, especially protein and essential oils make your hair and your nails grow strong and shinny.


That is how your body will change on the outside, just imagine how pretty you will be if in addition to being thinner, your hair, eyes, skin, teeth and nails will shine and make you completely radiant. Really, the results of clean eating are amazing, you will be proud of your complete body and of course, full of energy to keep on going!!


Clean Eating

Based on previous posts, it is easy to find out the enormous interest I have on maintaining a healthy diet and an active life, which I consider essentials for happiness. After investigating and spending a huge amount of time reading about health, I think I have found the best of the healthy lifestyles, and I have adopted it myself. Since the first page of Tosca Reno’s book, “The Eat Clean diet” I found out it was going to be amazing, and that’s why I read it in a few days, I had to force myself to close it in order to get good sleep and decide to get involved with its amazing world. Since I have been trying to be a useful source for fitness people, I want to start by describing the principles of clean eating, which as the author says, is not really a diet.

Introduction to the author:     

Tosca Reno was a normal woman who got to a maximum weight of 204 pounds in college and challenged herself to compete in body building when she was 42. At that moment of her life she got to know everything about clean eating, and since it changed her life, actually she is a diffuser of health information for it to change more people’s life day by day. Her results have been amazing and everyday she receives different testimonials of happy people who thank her with their hearts. All of those different positive comments also gave me a push to figure out all she talked about really worked, and if it wasn’t late for her, for sure it’s not late for me to start.


Have you ever heard the common saying, “you are what you eat”? Okay, even if you have not taken a minute to think about it, really what comes in our mouths is what determines our health and shape, that’s why we need to eat healthy in order to BE healthy. But remember, the idea is not to quit eating or depriving yourself from what you love, it’s about learning about food and taking the best life decisions.

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Even though it sounds wrong and people would not believe it, it’s ideal to eat SIX meals a day!!! Incredible, isn’t it? The idea of frequent eating is based on metabolic reactions, where it is stimulated frequently and prevents getting too hungry.


From today on, stop skipping breakfast! Some people think skipping meals is the best way to lose weight, but it is completely false, the only thing it does is slow down your metabolism and stop it from burning calories and generating energy. This morning meal is very important since it gives us the energy we need for the whole day.

The key of the meals is the combination of a complex carbohydrates and proteins. There is another myth refuted, since there is no need in cutting carbs in dieting for weight loss, they are essential for maintaining you active and happy.

Also, the healthy fats that are completely cut out in a low calorie diet turn out to be a very important ingredient for your renovated kitchen. Fats DON´T make us fat! It’s important to know that fat in moderated servings is required for an optimal health and physical form.


The water information is not going to be new for you if you are so how involved in maintaining a healthy life style. But it’s never a bad time to remind you of drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. It sounds a lot, but thinks about dividing it between SIX meals, it’s not that much.

And the most important of all in my opinion, STICK TO PROPER PORTION SIZES. The plate might look very little at the beginning, but remember you are having 6 meals a day where you involve complex carbohydrates and proteins; you shouldn’t feel hungry after having them with a maximum interval of 3 hours. And if you are, try your best to reduce their size in order to keep on track. There is no excuse of exceeding since your measuring cup walks with you everywhere you go, your hand! The portion of protein is what can fit in one hand. For the complex carb, cup your hand and eat what fits in it. And finally, for your fruits and vegetables, fill your hands cupped together.

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Now that you have the basics on clean eating I hope you continue investigating about it and get engaged, even though I have to remind you it takes time, dedication and money. But you are doing it for your body, where no investments are lost. I’m a new person in this life style, but I can tell you I have been really happy and recommend it to the deepest! Hope you’re starting to get interested and remember it’s never too late to become healthy like Tosca Reno. Hope you are waiting anxiously for the next post, which will include the unlimited benefits of clean eating and how your life will change, without considering your fitness changes.

The Innovating Hot Yoga

Have you heard something about the popular and amazing calorie burner? I do, and it sounds really interesting for me, and I will explain it in details for the ones who have not and include its benefits.


Hot yoga means yoga exercises preformed under hot and humid conditions, where people increase flexibility and exercise their body. This climate change is some how a way to relate these therapy with its place of origin, India, a very hot and humid country. The ideal room temperature is 40.5 º C and 40% humidity.

images indian_people

First of all, hot yoga helps your flexibility because heat allows you to reach new levels in a safe way, its a process and you need to start with beginner’s postures, but your flexibility will improve after each lesson.

Of course strength improves too, all kinds of yoga are good for your body because they are low impact and involve muscles you never take into account, also its mane focused is the spinal strength, which is very important to maintain a long and healthy life.

For practicing yoga it is very important to breath deeply, and with the additional heat, you simply can’t make it without breathing calmly. People often say, “If there is no breathing, there is no yoga.” But don’t worry; learning the correct way of breathing doesn’t take long.

Advantages are also related with your heart, which works the same way as it does when running a mile and you don’t even have to stand and move. Poses that involve balancing and contracting are the most helpful, where you can burn up to 1000 calories in 90 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it? This occurs because of the movement generated to the internal organs and glands that are in charge of stimulating metabolism and busting it up into calorie burning.

The wide variety of postures help you sweat and act as detoxifying for muscles, organs and all the sweating glands.

Also, this routines and the breathing discipline make you increase your focus and determination, in addition to involving you in a completely calmed environment where you can free your mind. These characteristics you acquire are not only for the time you spent over the mat, but for the rest of the day you have to be facing the world.

Even though yoga has turned into some kind of sport, its primary purpose is therapy, and with regular practice it can help heal and prevent several injuries such as back pain. Also, yoga helps reduce symptoms of illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and obesity.

And as Joseph Pilates said: “You´re only as young as your spine is flexible”, so start taking care of your age and your health by exercising, and of course yoga is a great way to burn calories at the same time than you stretch your muscles.


Fitness Common Myths


Taking into account the importance of Internet and investigation for maintaining a life style, we have to remember that we can´t believe everything we se. Those “loose a pound per day!” and “Fat free” announcements we se everyday are not always as true as they seem, companies use them in order to sell, and being sincere, I have been attracted by that kind of information too! The objective of this post is to clarify some myths about fitness you should take into account for maintaining a real healthy lifestyle.


  1. Myth: If you stop physical activity, muscles will turn into fat.

Reality: That change can never happen, muscles can shrink and fat can increase.

2. Myth: You burn more calories exercising in the cold.

Reality: Weather is not a factor of influence on the amount of calories you burn. It’s only true when you are shivering, but in tat case, you are also in risk of hypothermia.

3. Myth: For every pound of muscle you build, your body burns 100 extra calories.

Reality: Your body burns about 15 calories per pound of muscle.

4. Myth: For weight loss its better to eat six small meals a day.

Reality: The frequency of eating has nothing to do with the calorie control.

5. Myth: Pilates will give you long muscles.

Reality: The length of bones and how muscles are attached to them is what determines muscular length.

6. Myth: Fad diets will help you loose weight and keep it off.

Reality: Diets that promise quick weight loss are intense and drastic, and once you quit, you regain more than what you lost.

7. Myth: Since carbs are fattening, they shouldn’t be part of a meal plan.

Reality: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body and their removal can cause serious health disorders.

8. Myth: “Low fat” or “fat free” means no calories


Reality: These words have nothing to do with each other! Don’t let ads ruin your calorie count. Sometimes the reduced products have fewer calories, but when the product is processed it may even have more calories because of added flour, salt, starch or even sugar.

9. Myth: “The less you eat the less you weight!”

Realty: Skipping meals is not good because it makes you hungrier and leads to craving, and also slow down your metabolism, which makes the process of digestion slower.


And the best one for the end, this common heard sentence is a real error that especially women tend to use

10. Myth: Lifting weights is not a good way to lose weight because it will make me “bulk up.”

Reality: its important for everyone to know that lifting weight has the complete opposite effect that everyone thinks. This kind of exercise helps build strong muscles, which can help you burn more calories.


So, after Reading these article have some of your ideas changed? Did you believe any of the myths that were just clarified? REMEMBER, try to find trustful sources before taking decisions that involve your health such as eating and exercising, be a critical thinker and always consult any doubt you have about what you find in the Internet. Hope these clarifications are as useful to you as they were for me!

Let´s start the Mediterranean Diet

In the last few days I have been exploring about different health plans and diets and I found one that sounds very interesting, the Mediterranean Diet, which in addition to a lot of different benefits, is heart healthy. Different researches have shown that this meal plan reduces the risk of a heart disease, cancer, Parkinson and even Alzheimer!! Incredible, isn’t it? Lets start exploring into detail because this diet seems to be amazing, not only because of the benefits mentioned above but because of the wide variety of foods involved.

Its name comes from the Mediterranean region since all of the recipes and ingredients are based on the typical foods of the land around the Mediterranean Sea, which incorporates all of the basic steps of healthy eating.


Keys of the Mediterranean diet:

–       Eat mainly foods that are plant based (fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains)

–       Olive oil and other healthy fats are the best substitute for butter

–       Salt should be changed for herbs and spices to flavor foods

–       Red meat should be eaten no more than a few times per month

–       Chicken and fish should be eaten twice a week

–       Red wine is ACCEPTED in moderation

–       Maintain an active life


Fruits and vegetables are an essential part for the diet, which should be eaten, like in Greece about six servings a day.

Grains are also very important, but for Americans it is important to adjust to the Mediterranean traditions because, like bread, grains are eaten in very different ways. We tend to enjoy our slice with butter, margarine or saturated fats, but instead we should try it with olive oil, which now for me, tastes way better. This oil is the primary source of fat because is monosaturated, which can help reduce low-density lopoprotein cholesterol levels when used as a replacement for trans fats. Also, it contains high levels of protective plant compound that acts as antioxidants.

Still talking about fats, nuts are a high calorie and fat food, but most of it is healthy if they are eaten in moderation (about a handful a day). Its important to start knowing nuts because honey-roasted or heavily salted should not be eaten. As well as these addictive dried fruits, canola oil contains beneficial linoleic acid and healthy unsaturated fat. These omega-3 fatty acids help lover triglycerides, decrease blood-clotting, decrease the incidence of heart attacks and improve the health of blood vessels and pressure.


Its time to change our brains and flip our chips into a healthy way to eat, we don’t need to think it is a strict DIET where we suffer daily because of our unattractive meals. It’s an amazing eating style, which involves a wide variety of ingredients and helps our body in an incomparable way.


These are some basics steps to get started and start enjoying all of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

–       Plant foods should be part of the meals but minimally processed, freshness is the best ingredient. Also, they can be eaten as a snack; baby carrots, apples and bananas are great, quick and satisfying.

–       Cereals should be whole-grain, as well as rice and pasta.

–       Nuts are very important sources of fiber, protein and healthy fats. So keep your walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and cashews ready for a quick snack.

–       GOOD NEWS for those who love peanut butter, go and buy a natural one and add it to whichever meal you want.

–       Try the butter transition to olive oil, for me; it’s not only healthier but tastes much better.

–       The fish you should it can be prepared how you like, but avoiding the breaded or fried fish.

–       Avoid sausage, bacon and other high-fat processed meats.

–       Limit higher fat diary products; try to change them for skim milk, fat free yogurt, low fat cheese and almond milk.


So, how do you feel to be part of this healthy meal plan? Start with the best part and eat whole grain bread with peanut butter and strawberries, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Before starting to explore the amazing and endless world of fitness and healthy eating, it is important to know in detail what we are about to get involved with. It is proven that for a well functioning body we need to maintain a healthy diet, which basically consists in knowing what we should and should not eat. Food is the source of energy of our body, which explains why we should eat healthy, because our minds and bodies need to work in a perfect way.
In addition to the medical benefits of healthy eating, there are some interesting things that change on our life depending on what we eat. The most attractive part of the human body, the smile, is the first visible change on a person that eats healthy. Teeth are strengthened and kept free of plaque and gum diseases by the yogurt, in addition to the bacteria reduction that appears after consuming fruits and vegetables which stimulate saliva with antimicrobials that are in charge of killing microbes.

images (2)

For the interest of women, specially, high water foods such as fruits and vegetables, that are expected to be eaten, maintain skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles as well as they prevent cell damage with their antioxidants.

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The Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin c help the levels of cortisol in our bodies and keep stress in manageable levels, and in case of a stressful event, it is easier for the levels to come back into balance with the help of these nutrients.

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As a common saying states, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” With the help of high fiber foods and slower eating, people prevent a bloated belly that is caused by high amounts of sugar and sodium in our meals, that’s why fruits, vegetables and whole grains help maintain a flatter belly and help exercise with the development of shown abs.

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Not only because we see how healthy and fit our body starts becoming, our mood is also improved by the foods we eat because our carbohydrate rich foods, turkey, yogurt and fish help with the segregation of serotonin and tryptophan which control our mood.
No matter your age or job, you need your brain to work perfectly, and that occurs when it is boosted by the antioxidants in vegetables. Also, omega 3 helps with concentration and without doubt it makes you a better person.
Finally, as you walk closer to the world of fitness, you get to improve your knowledge not only about your body, but the right decisions you should make at the moment of choosing your food. When visiting the store, you know what is good for you, and by choosing it you make yourself a better person.